Guavaberry Liquor Recipes

by Guavaberry Emporeum

When travelling through St. Maarten we had to try the local flavours which in this case would be the guavaberry liqueur. After purchasing a mix pack they gave me some recipients that I thought I would pass along

Vanilla Colada

Fill blender 1/3 with ice. Add 1oz cream of coconut, 3oz pineapple juice, 2oz Vanilla Rum Liquer. Blend. Top with fresh pineapple and flowers. Grate nutmeg on top.

Oranjestad Royale

Muddle 1/4 fresh tangerine, pour into frozen champagne glass. Add 1 oz chilled Old Oranjestad Orange3 Liqueur. Fill up glass itch icy cold, good quality dry champagne. Decorate with wedge of tangerine.

Mango Margarita

Muddle th flesh of 1/4 of a ripe mango and ic. Add 1oz Tequilla, 1 oz Mango Rum Liqueur, 1/2oz of Lemon/Lime, shake well. Use salt rimmed glass. This drink can also be made in the blender. Decorate with lime.

Lime Lambada

Muddle one small local lime with ice and 1/2t sugar in a tall glass. Add 2oz Wild Lime Liqueur. Fill with cola. Decorate slice of lime.

Guavaberry Sunrise

In a tall glass of ice pour 2oz Guavaberry Rum Liqueur. Add 2oz fresh grapefruit and 2oz orange juice. Carefully pour in 1/2oz Grenadine. Decorate with grapefruit, orange, and flowers. Grate cinnamon on top.


1oz Island Almond Run Liqueur, 1oz Vanilla Rum Liqueur, 1oz cream of coconut, 2oz pineapple juice, dash cacao, ice, shake well, grate almonds and chocolate on top.

Guavaberry Fruit Salad

2oz Guavaberry Rum Liqueur, 2oz pineapple juice, 2oz orange juice, 1oz lemon/llime, 1t egg white, 1/4oz Grenadine. SHake well with ice. Decorate with slice of orange, cherry, wedge of pineapple. Flowers.

Cafe Republique

Like an Irish Coffee. Preheat PC coffe glass, add 6oz hot coffee, stir in 2t brown sugar, 2oz SM Republic Rum, top with thick cream or whipped cream. Decorate with grated cinnamon and chocolate.

Banana Nut Colada

Fill blender 1/3 with ice. Add 1/2 banana, 1oz cream of coconut, 2oz pineapple juice, 2oz Island Almond Rum Liqueur, blend. Decorate with batons of bananana, chopped almond, flowers, pinch powdered allspice.

Shark Dancer

Muddle 3 of 4 quarters sweet local lime, 3 fresh basil leaves, 1t sugar, and ice in a Hiball glass. Add 2oz St. Martin Republic Rum, fill with pomegranate juice, stir and decorate with lime wedge and fresh basil leaf.

Republic Rum Punch

To a tall glass with ice add the flesh of one passion fruit, 2 oz fresh orange juice 2oz pineapple juice, 2oz pomegranate juice, 1/2oz grenadine syrup, stir, pour carefully to float 2oz St. Martin Republic Rum on top.

Stairway to Heaven

1oz Vanilla rum liquer 1oz GB bois bande rum, 3oz cranberry juice, 1t egg white, 1oz lemon/lime, shake vigorously, strain into large martini glass, decorate with rose petals